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About Pop Smoke K9 for Veterans

Below you will find a list of programs we offer

Veteran/K9 Teams 

If you are a Veteran with PTSD, TBI or MST, we offer a service dog to help you live a more productive life after the military. You will receive a K9 with basic training then the veteran and the K9 will go through service dog training together.

Veteran Only

If you are lost in the smoke after separating from the military and just miss the fellowship of other like minded veterans, then come join us. Grab a seat and make yourself at home, we all 

Veteran Spouse's

We didn't forget about you, we know living with your veteran can be difficult at times, but your not alone. We want you to know that there are many spouses who think they are alone, and our goal is to get a space for you guys to come and communicate this with each other.


If you are not a veteran but, you want to give back to the men and women who served this country, well you have found the place to come donate your time!

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